November 21, 2014


One Direction Take You On A Date In "Night Changes" Video

UPDATE (11/21): It's here! One Direction dropped the romantic "Night Changes" video early Friday morning. Ever wonder what it's like to go on a date with each member of 1D? The guessing ends here!

The clip begins with Zayn handing the camera person (that's you!) flowers and introducing you to the manager of a swanky restaurant. You dine, you share wine. The camera pans to Liam, who brings you to a nighttime carnival. You take selfies, you share candy apples. The next frame is Harry, who puts on your ice skates and attempts to impress you with his moves. Louis takes you on a drive in a classic English sports car, while Niall invites you into his cozy home for some cocoa and board games. 

In the end, when the night changes (wink, wink) everything goes awry. You and Harry get injured. Your ex-boyfriend ends dinner with Zayn. A carnival ride leaves you and Liam sick. Louis gets pulled over by the cops. Niall catches on fire. Eep!

Watch the emotional roller-coaster of a music video above.

Original Story: One Direction released their massive FOUR last week with the promise of a new single, "Night Changes." The tune follows the Fleetwood Mac-challenging "Fireproof" and the feisty "Steal My Girl." To keep us entertained, the boys have started dropping daily teases of the upcoming "Night Changes" music video, one for each member of the group.

The first clip takes us out to dinner with Zayn, who sits clinking wine glasses with the object of his affection behind the camera. The setting is intimate and the deep-eyed singer flashes a rare, toothy smile. The next shows Louis' sporting a posh trench coat and moseying along a river bend (or at the very least, the edge of a city park's pond). The third is all Niall: He rocks a comfy Christmas sweater, walks around with two steaming cups of cocoa, adds wood to a burning fireplace, plays guitar and cuddles with an impossibly fluffy pup. 

The fourth shows Liam Payne at an amusement park at night, making direct eye contact with the camera (that's you!). He hands the viewer a caramel-coated apple, offers up his brilliant red scarf, grabs your hand and playful drags you to a carousel. He even wins a giant teddy bear. Too cute! 

The fifth and final clip follows Harry Styles as he ice-skates impossibly close to, once again, the camera. He's all smiles and even performs an impressive spin. Watch it above and make sure to check out our complete guide to One Direction's fantastic album, FOUR.