November 24, 2014


Paramore Reveal "Hate to See Your Heart Break" Video ft. Joy Williams

Paramore released a deluxe version of their self-titled album today, and with that comes a new version of original Paramore track "Hate to See Your Heart Break." The acoustic-leaning, hushed ballad gets additional vocals from Joy Williams, famous for her work in The Civil Wars.

While the first version of "Hate to See Your Heart Break" offers up vocals ripe with emotion and the gentle touch of violins and soft instrumentation, the addition of Williams' gorgeous folk flavor is a welcome, wonderful foil to Hayley's sky-high soprano.

The new duet also brings the two Williams singers—who, despite their last names, are not related—together for their first gal-pal duet. According to NPR, the two have been friends for over a decade.

In addition to "Hate to See Your Heart Break," the deluxified (yup, just made that word up, and no, not sorry) edition of Paramore includes a number of live cuts from an incredible show at the gorgeous Red Rocks Ampitheatre, as well as two new tracks, "Escape Route" and "Native Tongue."