November 19, 2014


Get in Shape With Rick Ross & His "RossFit" Workout

As Rick Ross prepares to drop Hood Billionaire on November 24, the MC is looking leaner than ever. While it's partly due to a trendy, healthier diet of "pears and sh*t like that," the Bawse let us in on his workout plan by teaming up with Funny or Die to reveal "RossFit."

And what is RossFit? According to the hip hop great, it's a "strict, daily workout routine" that includes flexing neck muscles ("by wearing the thickest chains like a hood billionaire would"), working face muscles ("by rolling 20 blunts a day") and head bobbing (while listening to Hood Billionaire, of course).

But as Ricky Rozay reveals later—even if you try "RossFit," you'll never reach the level of Bawse Rick Ross is at. The MC even tells Bruce Springsteen (a.k.a. "The Boss") to give up trying. 

Peep the hilarious workout ad above. Then for your dose of #WayBackWednesday, watch (and re-watch and re-watch) this Vine of Ross proclaiming his love of pears.