November 1, 2014


Rise Against Embrace Their Inner Outcasts at Voodoo Fest

New Orleans is very much a party town, one political punk band Rise Against reconcile with—and love. "New Orleans is a place we don't play enough. We look for reasons to come down here. We play punk rock. We play all ages punk rock and there's not that big of a scene down here but there's a big enough scene where it makes it so we can finally connect with those bands," frontman Tim McIlrath told Fuse at the 2014 Voodoo Festival.

The band then opened up about their latest emotionally charged music video. "We're talking about 'I Don't Want To Be Here [Anymore].' That song, off our new record The Black Market… the video, we wanted to portray kind of places you want to escape, almost like a documentary style video combined with us playing live inside a small studio, trying to make a video that would connect with people," Tim continued. "We've always felt a little out of place in this world. We were more in place in garages and basements and punk shows, that kind of thing. We had to kind of figure out how to navigate those waters. It's exciting! It's amazing! When Rise Against snowballed into this force of nature that it is, that's a cool thing and it's been fun to play our music but also send our message to a much wider audience." 

We couldn't agree more. Watch the exclusive interview above, and check back to Fuse's on-the-ground coverage of Voodoo Festival here!