November 17, 2014


Ryn Weaver Dishes on the Heartbroken Inspiration Behind "OctaHate"

"You know the old rock stars, what they did?" gushes Ryn Weaver. "It was this big, crazy thing, and they had their world, and it wasn't as much about keeping a cool vibe onstage. It was really about activating things. It was less about being a rock star and more about making art on all levels: The performance aspect, the music, the fashion, everything. I just want to have a wild party."

Her need for positive vibes and celebration is clear: Ryn is one of the year's most talked about up-and-coming vocal talents, and her breakout single "OctaHate" is an immediately addicting track that thrills with ornate breakdowns and sky-high vocals. The song—which was co-written by Charli XCX—is engaging and approachable with its inventive instrumentation, but the lyrical content harkens back to some seriously dark territory for the young performer.

"It's actually about an ex-boyfriend that wasn't very nice to me," she reveals in this Fuse exclusive. "The verses are this coping mechanism of kind of how you put on [a] face. The chorus—it's just a tantrum. The song is just kind of my way of coping with figuring out all the things that happened and the aftermath. It's a mourning of the end of something, and it comes back right to where it began...picking myself up and starting again."

A relatable theme to be sure, and one that Miss Ryn makes it easy to dance through. For more on "OctaHate," working with mega producer Benny Blanco and her newfound appreciation for all things pop, check out this Fuse exclusive in full above.