November 25, 2014


Exclusive Premiere: Watch Such Gold's Haunting "Faced" Video

We first heard Such Gold's "Faced" earlier this year, including it on our list of the best new pop-punk jams from the month of September. The breakneck speed of the tune's guitar riffs reminded us of A Wilhelm Scream with one definitive difference: This jam is chock full of massive melody, with vocals that go down with ease even at their brattiest. This is not music for headphones. This is made for stereo, jumping-around-until-you-break-something music.

The video is equally as energizing. Cut up by live shots, the clip starts with an overweight, older gentleman asleep in a sterile white bedroom. He puts on his glasses and makes his way to his equally barren bathroom. He opens up two prescription pill bottles and downs a few from each.

The bathroom mirror begins to bleed bright colors—aqua, yellow and red—as does the room the band is performing in. The man touches the paint and after a few fearful glances returns to bed. Those walls start to drip with the same shades and he lays down, eyes closed. The clip concludes with the man's irises coated in black, crying the same paint that littered his room. Haunting stuff, perhaps not for the faint of heart.

"We had a blast working on the video for 'Faced.' We bounced around ideas with [Director] Max for a while for it, but the collaboration paid off," Jon Markson of Such Gold told Fuse. "We all wanted to evoke some psychological fear and visually intensity. It even weirds us out to watch it." Too true! Watch the clip above.