November 12, 2014


T-Pain Gets Personal On 'Stoicville,' Talks Advice Column

T-Pain's upcoming album, Stoicville, is all about being open and getting honest. "It was great to get personal with my lyrics," the singer told Fuse in an exclusive interview. "I feel like I needed to talk to somebody and who better to talk to then, you know, seven billion people! I would say that Stoicville is a more personal album. I think I've gotten more stories for myself than anything this time.

"With my previous albums I listened to other people's stories and kind of manifested them into my own happenings and everyday stuff that people can relate to," he continued. "I found that people relate to me as well. I'm thinking 'I'm a weird individual, no one's going to know what the hell I'm talking about when I sing these things!' but as I tell people my story and people get to know me more they tend have relatable things within that."

Learning to share everything with his fans struck a chord, and T-Pain now writes an advice column at Noisey. "They came to me about the advice column," he said. "I didn't know if they wanted me to be brutally honest like I always am but they said it was fine. I took the job. I didn't think it would be love advice or anything like that, I thought it was going to be musical advice. I took kind to it. It was great. I love doing it. I love just hurting people's feelings!" he laughed. 

"Nah, just give them my opinions on things and telling people how I feel from my perspective. Sometimes people get angry, 'You don't understand, you don't understand,' and sometimes I'm like, 'Well, you didn't explain the story well enough then because I told you how I felt about how I understood it.' That's how it works."

Watch the full interview above!