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Exclusive Interview

T-Pain Talks Drag Racing & "Let Me Through"

The R&B singer reveals his new song with Lil Wayne was originally meant for the latest 'Fast and the Furious' movie

T-Pain is a new man. "I definitely still have my alcohol songs, my stripper songs and things of that nature, but I think this [album] is more just about being happy," the R&B crooner told Fuse. He's exploring new territory like never before, beginning with his track "Let Me Through," which features Lil Wayne.

"'Let Me Through'  was actually a submission for the [upcoming The Fast & The Furious sequel Furious 7] soundtrack," he explained. "Once it got denied, I think they said it was too slow or something like that, I was like, 'Well, I'm going to use it.' Myself and DJ Monte made the track. There was nobody I had to answer to, so I just kind of [thought], 'Well, we can put this out on our own, and we can just do this.'"

The racing vibe may also make its way to the music video. "Me and [Lil] Wayne both got Bugattis," he says. "It was a challenge to Wayne to see if he'd really want to race these things in the video or something. I'm pretty sure we're gonna do that."

The song appears on T-Pain's latest release Happy Hour: The Greates Hits, which, ironically enough, doesn't span an entire hour. "Did you calculate that? Is it really 52 minutes? Good stuff, good stuff. I didn't know that! Man, what would I fill the other eight minutes with? Probably a whole bunch of techno music," he joked. "Techno music mixed with Marvin Gaye in some kind of way. I think that would be really nice to hear, something really strange. The rest of it would be rave because by that time... I'll be drunk."

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