November 14, 2014


Machine Gun Kelly Talks New Acting Career on 'Trending 10'

Machine Gun Kelly has been in the game for a minute–the Cleveland rapper dropped several mixtapes before unleashing his debut LP, Lace Up, in 2012, and following that with the Black Flag mixtape last year. 

As he gears up for the release of LP2, however, MGK is taking his talents from the big stage to the big screen. He plays a character called Kid Culprit in the new music-based drama film Beyond The Lights, which comes out tomorrow! MGK stopped by Trending 10 to talk about the movie, and you can watch the full interview above. 

"He's kind of the bad-boy love interest of the main character who's this huge, rising pop singer," MGK says, explaining his character a bit more. "They kind of have this Ja Rule / Ashanti relationship in the public, but it's transpired from the industry, so it's not genuine."

MGK's acting career will continue with a role in the follow-up to cult classic film SLC Punk, titled SLC Punk 2: Punk's Dead.

You'll have to watch the film in theaters beginning tomorrow to find out how the story really unfolds–but you can check out the rest of Machine Gun Kelly's Trending 10 interview above right now for more of the latest info from the rapper. Don't miss new episodes of Trending 10 weeknights at 5/4c! Find Fuse in your area