November 5, 2014


T-Pain: It Felt Good to Show People I Don't Need Autotune

T-Pain...the autotune guy. Right? 

Nope. The rapper shocked everyone when he appeared on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series and performed a stripped-down session–with no autotune. Ever think you'd hear an R&B jam version of "Buy U A Drank"? 

T-Pain stopped by Trending 10 today to relive his NPR experience, talk about proving people wrong and more–watch the full interview above!

"I actually didn't know I was going to be singing like that until I got there," he admits. "But I knew I could do it, so it was no problem at all."

Later, he continues: "I don't wanna say it feels good to, you know, prove people wrong, but....yeah!" 

T-Pain also offers up some useful information for any aspiring rapper in the world–he tells you how you can get Lil Wayne to do a guest spot on your song! Well, it's not that easy, but it's a pretty interesting story. Watch the full interview above for that, for information about the sound of his upcoming album Stoicville: The Phoenix ("It's things that make me comfortable, things that make me happy," he says), and more.  

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