November 6, 2014


Walk The Moon Show Off Their Dorkiest Dance Moves on 'Trending 10'

Walk The Moon are '80s kids, and they want to make sure you feel that in every way possible. The indie-rock quartet stopped by Trending 10 today to talk about their latest single "Shut Up and Dance" as well as their upcoming album Talking Is Hard–watch the full interview above!

"I'm happy that we're here now, I'm happy that we can bring the life and goodness of the '80s to the youngsters today," the band says, not so long after showing off their best dorky dance moves to Fuse host Dan Brown. The band has claimed that their new single "Shut Up and Dance" is a dork-rock can watch the video for it on YouTube to see if you agree. 

As for the title of their upcoming third full-length album, the band made sure to clarify that it's not quite as simple as it sounds. 

"Talking is the way that we communicate everyday, all day, to each other, but words just don't fully convey everything that you have inside," they explain. "All those thoughts and feelings. And that's why we have music."

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