November 26, 2014


Taylor Swift Brings Dramatic Flair to "Blank Space" Live on 'The Voice'

In the official "Blank Space" videoTaylor Swift plays up her crazy ex-girlfriend label to a T when she takes news her man has been less than faithful to psychotic extremes. While she didn't stab anyone's portrait, Tay did bring her dramatic ways for a live rendition of the track on The Voice

Watch above as Swiftie owns the stage performing the hit with loads of hair flips, silly faces and hand gestures acting out her lyrics. At one point, Taylor shakes her head maniacally while singing, "Got a long list of ex-lovers, they'll tell you I'm insane!" Plus, Voice judge Gwen Stefani gave a friendly laugh when Tay fell down on her knees to belt it out on the last chorus.

All in all, it feels like Taylor's comfortable with and in on the jokes about her love life and more than willing to poke a little fun at herself even on live television.

No doubt, the 1989 star's lighthearted attitude has helped her new album stay atop the Billboard 200 for three weeks and "Blank Space" vault to the No. 1 position on the Hot 100 last week. The latter feat made her the first woman to succeed one No. 1 hit with another when "Shake It Off" fell from the top slot to let "Blank Space" rule. 

With her promo schedule packed (hopefully with more super-fun performances like this), don't expect Taylor's chart-topping reign to let up anytime soon.