November 14, 2014


Watch Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Video Reimagined as a Horror Film

In Taylor Swift's wild "Blank Space" video, the ultimate romantic paradise turns dark and vengeful when the singer finds her man has been less than faithful. Playing the scorned lover part to a T, Tay destroys his vintage sports car, uses an apple as a voodoo doll and stabs her ex-man's portrait. But if what things weren't so whimsical?

Slate reimagined the Joseph Khan-directed visual as a full-on thriller that turns Taylor's scorned lover role into a psycho bent on revenge. Ultimately, it's a testament to how creepy music and film editing can change the entire mood of a video.

Taylor's first 1989 visual, "Shake It Off," spurred parodies and covers from the Denver Nuggets to Kendrick Lamar to a bunch of puppies in sequins. Is "Blank Space" on its way to topping the viral craze "Shake It Off" set off? It won't be easy to find vintage sports cars and mansions to film inside, but we think the Internet can get creative.

Taylor recently announced her 1989 World Tour dates with Shawn Mendes and Vance Joy.