November 26, 2014


The Vamps Talk Cheery Christmas Album

British boy band and pop rock act The Vamps recently finished a U.S. tour supporting Austin Mahone with Fifth Harmony. They loved it so much, the up-and-comers have returned stateside to promote their latest album, Meet the Vamps - Christmas Edition. It's never too early to celebrate!

"We've tried to be very Christmas-y on this album, and in general, really," frontman Brad Simpson told Fuse in an exclusive interview. "We do like Christmas a lot... We know people like it so we want to kind of put stuff out there. It gets everyone excited and we love Christmas. It's the best."

Guitarist James McVey agrees, "We like loads of Christmas songs. Christmas is something like, with The Vamps, we've tried to kind of really embrace for the past three years... It was really weird writing the Christmas songs because we did it while we were on tour in America in August. We were in Arizona and Texas and it was like 40 degrees Celsius and we were writing Christmas songs. It was kind of strange."

"It was nutty," Brad added. "I got excited for Christmas, though." We can't wait! Watch the exclusive interview above and check out the boys' appreciation for all things Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes.