November 2, 2014


The Wild Feathers Talk Touring with Paul Simon, Playing Festivals

Country folk band The Wild Feathers do their share of touring. "We've been on the road. We drove about 30 hours to be here from L.A., so we're doing really good now," jokes bassist Joel King when Fuse caught up with the band at the 2014 Voodoo Music Fest. Guitarist Taylor Burns adds: "We missed Halloween last night, but we're here for the After-Halloween party."  

It's the band's hard work ethic that has allowed them to tour as much as they do, opening for iconic musicians like Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. "My parents, they could've gotten charges filed against them when they met Paul Simon. I told them to be cool, and they popped out," King says. "I was like 'Stand right here, he's going to come off stage, and we're going to say hi.' Then my mom jumped out and said, 'I saw you in 1973! I was going to bring my shirt to have you sign it!' And he was like, 'Maybe next time!' Paul is really small, and he's very quiet, so I was like, she might hurt him. He's an unbelievable pro. The best there is."

The guys have learned a lot from their time on the road, something that has helped improve their live set—they now know which songs go over better at festivals. "There are some songs from our first record that we do, The Ceiling is a really good one that goes over well in the crowd. Now that we're writing, we're keeping the second one in mind because before we hadn't toured together a ton as a band, and now we're writing with that in mind," Burns says. "'Hey, what's the song with the energy that's going to get the crowd into it?' We kind of know what to look for and what we like to play and what gets us off. Hopefully that will translate to the crowd as well."

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