November 3, 2014


T.I. Lays Out His Path to Retirement

Last week T.I. told us all about his latest album Paperwork and it's place in a larger trilogy. "There are three albums, and each of the albums have their different concepts," he told Fuse. "[The first] Paperwork, the theme of this album is merging old with new, just applying instrumentation into a futuristic approach to hip hop or where hip hop is going, being ahead of the curve with your lyrics and your cadences, but keeping the music somewhat grounded in an, I guess, nostalgic principle." 

That means there are two more installments, each with a different theme ("trap" and "a hustler's love story," respectively). It's a massive undertaking, and one T.I. believes will lead to the end of his time as a recording artist. That's right, folks: After flirting with the idea of retirement for a couple years now, the man has begun putting a time frame on his plans.

He's open about the end of his music career. "I think after [the three albums], man, that will probably introduce my final hurrah," he explained. "At some point in time, I’m going to have to get up out of here. I think as I get more into my 30s, I think my time will be better spent in film and television. Of course [I'll] still [be] producing music, writing music and executive producing, but I think that in due time it’s going to be my moment to exit."

Watch the exclusive interview above.