November 2, 2014


Trent Cantrelle Discusses Remixing and Diverse EDM Subgenres

EDM up-and-comer Trent Cantrelle calls New Orleans home, so the DJ/producer is a Voodoo Music Fest veteran. "This is my fifth time playing Voodoo. I've seen it from the very beginning. I actually played the very first dance tent here, which was only about ten feet big," he explains. "It's grown a little bit, I think."

Hailing from a town known for its rich music history, Cantrelle sees the benefit of working with other artists, especially in the form of remixes. "I love taking and putting a spin on other people's music, especially a song that is all the way left of what I do, and bringing it to the right, kind of join the two worlds together," he says. "Through the years I've worked with a lot of people from Maroon 5 down to Seal. That was an honor, to get to remix Seal, because he hand picked everybody that did that package."

Cantrelle writes meticulously, a talent that has informed his knowledge of EDM and its many subgenres. "There is a huge difference between the genres. I think since it's a new generation, and lot of people are discovering this music for the first time, they kind of put it all under the same umbrella. It honestly doesn't belong," he says. "One genre and another genre, it's like saying Lil Wayne and Kenny Rodgers are at the same concert. That would be weird, because you know that already. It's the same thing when you put two genres of dance music together. It can be just as conflicting. I would say I'm more in the underground world, I guess that's the best way to describe it, and the EDM world are completely different. At the same time, we share the same love for the music."

For someone who's worked with a long list of talented acts, who is Trent's dream collaboration? "Elvis Presley? You didn't say they had to be alive, right?" Cantrelle asked. "I've actually worked with some New Orleans artists like The Rebirth Bass Brand for one. Derek and Chad from Rebirth, we did a couple songs last year that we're still trying to finish up, but I would love to work with Trombone Shorty one day. He's Trombone Shorty!"

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