November 2, 2014


Action Bronson Details Upcoming 'Mr. Wonderful' Album

On the scene at Voodoo Music Fest, Brooklyn rapper Action Bronson stopped by to chat with Fuse's Yasmine Richard. Although he admits to not being a huge fan of Halloween, Bronson said he's excited to play Voodoo for the first time, confiding, "Never been, heard so much about it. Honestly, I like doing things on special days."

Bronson is gearing up to drop his highly anticipated new album Mr. Wonderful. The rapper reveals the title comes from his "very tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic, Jewish, Brooklyn mother" calling him Mr. Wonderful after he'd "do something wrong and [was] a sh*thead." Who is he working with on the album? Oh, just some super producers like Mark Ronson, Alchemist, 88 Keys and more.

From Nas' Illmatic to Biggie's Ready To Die, 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of many classic hip hop albums. Action Bronson reflects on those classics (he still remembers the exact record store he bought them at) and tells Fuse why he thinks they're considered classics.

"They weren't worried about the things people are worried about now in music. They were just young and innocent, and just going for it," Bronson says. "It's hard to capture that type of essence anymore." Sounding off on labels throwing money and deals at rappers with one catchy or trendy song, Bronson says, "They're just rushing things," and explains why it's hurting the music biz and hip hop culture.

To hear more about his new album and hear a hilarious story about getting kicked out of class for his Halloween costume in junior high, watch Action Bronson's full interview from (a very windy) Voodoo Fest above. 

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