November 4, 2014


ASTR Talk Grandmas, "Blue Hawaii" & Riding Bicycles Under Water

New York City electro duo ASTR were pleasantly surprised by the energy of the 2014 Voodoo Music Fest. "It was so awesome! It was so fun! I didn’t expect [our set] to be that insane. New Orleans knows how to party, let me tell you that! It was 4:45 and people were fully dancing. People were on each other’s shoulders going at it. I was like ‘This is popping right now.’ Sh*t was happening!" Zoe ASTR told Fuse. "I just want to give a shout-out to the grandmother who knew every word to our songs," Adam ASTR adds with a grin. Not a bad place to be! 

When asked who they wanted to see at Voodoo, ASTR revealed that their fun started before they reached the festival grounds. "We saw André 3000 at the airport which was kind of cool," Adam said.

The band also opened up about their latest single "Blue Hawaii." "That means a lot to us," Zoe explained. "I feel like ‘Blue Hawaii’ was definitely that song on the album that to me, personally....I’m very connected to that song. We wrote that in like, one day. All the lyrics came really, really quickly. That was just a fantasy of vapid paradise that we were feeling. It was like a wave that we just went on. It was so fun to shoot that music video, also. We did a lot of stuff underwater that was really fun. He rode a bike underwater." 

"Which, by the way, riding a bicycle into the pool is really difficult," Adam added. "All of a sudden it’s sloping down and you just get sucked in and then the bike’s at the bottom of the pool, nine feet down, and you can’t get it out to do the shot. It was fun." We bet!

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