November 3, 2014


AWOLNATION Drop New Album Details; Reveal Foo Fighters Fandom

The Foo Fighters were one of the main attractions on the Voodoo Music Experience lineup in 2014, and AWOLNATION, like a ton of Voodoo festival-goers, were thrilled to see the rockers perform.

"I'm excited to see the Foo Fighters!" AWOLNATION's Aaron Bruno tells Fuse's Yasmine Richards. It turns out that the admiration goes a bit beyond general fandom, in that there's a bit of history between the two acts. "I haven't seen them in awhile. Nate the bass player is an old friend of mine. We're going to reunite! This will be the first time that we share the stage together since....2002, they were nice enough to let one of my bands open up for them in Chicago. It was probably my first big show where I was terrified, so it's nice to go full-circle and meet up again."

As AWOLNATION spends a hefty portion of their year on the road, they draw a lot of inspiration from their travels, and those vibes make their way into AWOLNATION'S elaborate music videos. Will New Orleans affect Bruno's creative output in the not-so-distant future? Absolutely. 

"I think traveling influences life in general, right?" he says. "So just walking through the streets, here, of course, there's such great music and so much soul. That'll be a huge influence. I may take something from this little trip home and come up with an idea. Not only music videos, but songwriting and conceptual stuff for visuals for the record as well, for artwork. I'm looking forward to making new videos for the new record which is right around the corner."

As for that new record, AWOLNATION fans, keep your eyes and ears peeled for December: The record is in the mixing process at the moment, but Bruno reveals that they're looking to drop the full-length follow-up to 2011's Megalithic Symphony in mid-March.

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