November 5, 2014


Givers Share Their Best Tour Food Story, Talk Louisiana Influences

Playing the 2014 Voodoo Music Experience is almost like playing a hometown show for indie pop group Givers. The band formed outside of New Orleans in 2008, but we were interested in both their hometown love and their adventures outside of the Big Easy.

"Tour stories? You'd have to pick a category!" guitarist Taylor Guarisco joked. After settling on food, frontwoman Tiffany Lamson adds, "Our group is kind of, like, big foodies." Apparently not all the time! 

"Red beans and rice!" exclaimed Guarisco, recounting a particularly puke-y anecdote. "Dallas, Texas! Our boy, I'm not going to name him but it was a beer festival. If you mix enough beer with red beans and rice, you're throwing up in the van, on the highway. You're making memories. You're having a great time. We all laughed. It feels like it was just last week." Eek!

They owe a lot to their home state, a place where they were able to explore a myriad of musical genres at a young age. "Louisiana, it definitely offers all," Taylor continued. "We all gravitated towards funky stuff from New Orleans. When it came to school...half of us played jazz. We were jazz study guys."

What's next for the band? A new album! "Right now, with the second record...[we just want to] to make a record that goes wherever our heads are at. We follow that," he explained. "It's a departure from the last album, naturally. You'll see!"

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