November 4, 2014


Monica Heldal Details 'Boy From the North,' Folk Influences

Upon its September release, Monica Heldal's debut LP Boy From the North was met with rave reviews saying that the 23-year-old was putting Norwegian folk music on the map. We caught up with the singer at Voodoo Music Experience 2014 to find out a little more about the inspirations for the wave-making album.

Our first question, of course: Who is the Boy from the North? Monica admits she can't pin it down to one, but she does have one famous folk singer in mind.

"I think it might have something to do with Nick Drake," she explains, citing the English folk-rock singer whose depression and social anxiety contributed to his lack of commercial success and, possibly, the overdose that killed him. "[The title track] is a song about a boy that's a bit depressed and struggles in life. It's kind of like Nick Drake. I think I might of been thinking of him when I wrote the song."

The Norway native also told us that American musicians like Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac influenced her gorgeous sound, as well as those who championed the Mississippi blues and music from the '60s and '70s.

Watch the full interview above for more on her Boy From the North album along with how she got her awesome accent. Then check out the "Boy From the North" official video below.