November 5, 2014


Lindsay Lowend Chats About His Celeb-Inspired Stage Name Origins

Despite the fact that Lindsay Lowend had been going hard since 6am, the DJ and producer was so ready to hit the Voodoo Music Experience that he booked it to the festival's ferris wheel to gush about it with Fuse's Yasmine Richards.

"I rolled in today at 6am or something," he grinned. "I was really tired. I'm still really tired, but I'm making it through!"

An avid fan of video games and the glitchy sounds they employ, Lindsay Lowend first got into electronic music through one of the most popular arcade adventures out there: Dance Dance Revolution. "That's what got me into making music in the first place!" he revealed. "I just picked it up and and started playing it competitively. I was like, 'Damn, this music is tight!' I found out that bands weren't making [the music] but like, single people. Back in 2007....I started making beats, got hooked on it and got through a whole multitude of different genres. I'm constantly getting bored of stuff, which I think is a really valuable quality to have. I get bored easily, which, luckily, has kind of kept me in the game."

Lindsay Lowend isn't his given name, of course: His full name is Antonio Luis Mendez, and the Mean Girls star inspired his stage name. "So Lindsay Lohan knows about me, and she hasn't sued. So I think I'm good at this point!" He threw the moniker on Soundcloud and realized he couldn't change it after his tracks started blowing up. "I think it's a good name because I don't take myself seriously. That's what the name kind of implies."

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