November 1, 2014


Wild Cub Talks Bleachers Remix & More at Voodoo 2014

Wild Cub is currently on the road with the power pop rock force that is Bleachers, and when both acts stopped by the Voodoo Music Experience, the Nashville outfit took a minute to gush about road buddy Jack Antonoff. 

They can't get enough of his music, so much so that Keegan DeWitt wanted to remix Bleachers' hit "I Wanna Get Better" so badly he basically begged the label to let him do it. "As I peeled it away, his vocal on that song is totally moving!" he tells Fuse's Yasmine Richards.

The second single off their full-length debut Youth, "Colour," strikes an emotional chord during their set, especially for DeWitt. 

"It's interesting: The first track, 'Thunder Clatter,' is so positive, and 'Colour' is the purgatory before that," he reveals. "So much of your early end up doing this thing where you don't appreciate the things right in front of you and you mistreat the people who are closest to you, and instead, you idolize random people outside of that. For me, I felt like 'Colour' is that bruising period before you meet the person, where you're going out there and you hope that people are this thing or not. That's the most beautiful thing about growing up and getting older: You have to just keep striking out into the darkness and going, 'I want to meet people, and I want to connect with somebody.' That's a super scary thing."

Seriously. For more on Wild Cub's time in New Orleans and their dates with Bleachers, check out the Fuse exclusive above, and stay tuned for more footage at Voodoo Music Experience 2014!