November 4, 2014


Watch Walk off the Earth Bring "Shake It Off" to the Beach

As Taylor Swift's 1989 continues to thrive in its super successful first week of sales and its singles are on everyone's mind, "Shake It Off," the album's lead-off single, has inspired a number of energetic covers. YouTube sensations Walk off the Earth have now put their own chipper spin on the infectious hit, and it's just as catchy as the original.

Watch the inventive Canadian band chill on a sandy dune as they sing through "Shake It Off" and rework its instrumentation with ukuleles, kazoos, a cajón and some serious shakers.

The vibe is a bit more mellow than Taylor's full-out pop production—where Taylor dances and literally shakes it off, Walk off the Earth sit pretty and enjoy the sunset—but the toned-down take on it shows the band's aptitude when it comes to making a well-known track sound brand new.

The only thing we'd change is the hair-raising ukulele hurls around the 1:10 mark. Instruments are meant for playing, guys, not chucking like footballs! Still, the Walk off the Earth crew effortlessly toss their gear aside in favor of some shakers at various points and show they've got a handle on both the impromptu jam and Swift's hit. (They're excellent shimmiers, too.)

Check out Walk off the Earth's take on "Shake It Off" above!