November 18, 2014


Walk The Moon Celebrate "Goofy" '80s on "Shut Up And Dance"

Walk The Moon's latest single "Shut Up And Dance" embraces a very '80s feel, and the choice for the throwback vibe of the track was a totally deliberate one for the Ohian indie outfit.

"We were really inspired by the dorky, maybe kooky artists of the '80s," says Walk The Moon's Nicholas Petricca. "There was a time where the weird and the goofy was really celebrated, especially in the videos and the music. We wanted to write a song that didn't take itself too seriously and was still loyal to our indie, electro-rock selves."

One look at the video and it's easy to say that they achieved their goal! The empowering message is one that carries over from this year's Talking Is Hard, their third full-length, and the title of the record became a bit of an accidental motto for the band. 

"Talking Is Hard sort of became the phrase of the year for us,'" says Kevin Ray. "We just started to realize that it had many different connotations. It worked in daily life and for the overall scope of the record and everything."

"Talking is hard, and being perfectly articulate all the time is not just hard, it's impossible!" adds Petricca. "I think a lot of our record is empowering people to get over it, to do your thing, to be yourself and to communicate with your actions and not just with your words. With art, not just your words."

That's a message we can get behind, sweet '80s sounds and all. For more on the process behind the album and why Walk The Moon fans will have plenty to look forward to in 2015, check out the Fuse exclusive above!