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Watch An Enthusiastic Weird Al Become RadioShack's Latest Employee

The king of parody turns the electronic goods store into Toyland

"Weird Al" has had quite the year. Aside from fantastically parodying the biggest hits of 2014 from Iggy AzaleaPharrellLordeRobin Thicke and more, he grabbed his first No. 1 record with Mandatory Fun. Who could forget his awesome television theme song medley at the Emmys? It turns out the strangest of Als can add RadioShack employee to his seemingly endless repertoire. 

The cool comedian is the electronic goods chain's latest spokesperson, with him playing an enthusiastic staff member in their newest commercial. It begins with a woman entering the store looking for heliquads, a simple enough inquiry. Al, being the character that he is, launches into a Toyland tune, transforming the shop into a magical Holiday-themed paradise.

After a minute or so she actually gets her heliquad, then asks for batteries. The advertisement ends before "Weird Al" could launch into his next song, but we're sure it would be just as entertaining. If only every shopping experience could be so fun! 

Watch the clip above and check out all eight of Weird Al's Mandatory Fun music videos by clicking here.

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