December 8, 2014


Above & Beyond Can Spot The Link Between EDM & Heavy Metal

Most people would be hard-pressed to find a connection between EDM and heavy metal, but Above & Beyond have no trouble seeing the similarities between the two louder-than-loud genres.

"We're similar to an act like Iron Maiden in the sense that metal bands, they tend to not be on the radio, and they have their own group of fans who you maybe don't know exist," says A&B's Jono Grant. "But when Iron Maiden or a band like that turns up at a big festival, suddenly 40,000 heavy metal fans turn up and see this band. I think it's very similar in dance music in the way we operate, because we have a really avid fan base that follows every move we make. We're very thankful for that. It's been grown because we've stuck to our guns and done whatever we felt would be the right thing rather than follow fashions and trends and that sort of thing."

This appreciation for intense crowd participation is reflected in the artwork for their forthcoming release We Are All We Need, which incorporates the names of some of their most dedicated listeners in the artwork for the album. 

"On Twitter, we had people tweeting at us, 'Oh my God, I can't believe my name is on the album cover!'" says Grant. "And it is, it's there in print, and they can buy that album and frame it with their name on it, which is kind of cool, I think." 

"The whole idea of We Are All We Need is really to highlight how together, we have so much power," explains Paavo Olavi Siljamäki of the motivation for not only this particular record but the artwork it inspired. "And as a collective of people, there's real strength in us. The album artwork and the idea of making those names mean something to people is really important. We looked at how we could do this online, and we came across an idea that would allow people to make customized album artwork with the names of their family and friends, thus giving it even more meaning. We sort of like the idea of everyone making it their own."

Talk about the best kind of artist/fan interaction! For more on We Are All We Need (out January 19) and their plans for touring, check out the Fuse exclusive above.