Bea Miller Details Surreal Friendship with Demi Lovato

Bea Miller Details Surreal Friendship with Demi Lovato

When Bea Miller tells Fuse host Katie Van Buren about dancing along to Demi Lovato songs in her room at age 8, she isn't exaggerating. Miller, a quickly rising pop singer, is only 15 years old right now–and her ascension has been accompanied by some surreal friendships. 

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Miller discusses her newfound relationship with Lovato, whom she supported on the road throughout much of 2014. Miller was touring on her debut EP, Young Blood

"If you had told me three years ago that I would be going on tour with Demi and performing one of her songs on stage with her, I would have laughed in your face and been like, 'There's absolutely no way that's ever going to happen,'" Miller says. "I think it's crazy how life can surprise you that way."

Miller says she thinks of Lovato as a sister and remembers the first time Lovato watched her perform her set on stage as a highlight of the tour. She also delves into who she'd like to tour with in the future–the main qualifier is that artists have to be "cool and fun and silly" rather than just talented or popular. 

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