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Watch Billy Eichner Perform Taylor Swift Tribute "Glitter and Ribs"

Back in 2013, the 'Billy on the Street' host shared a Taylor Swift tribute—now he's done it live

Last summer, Billy Eichner put out a Taylor Swift tribute. It might've looked like a parody—it came out through Funny or Die, featured Billy in Taylor Swift hair and makeup and was titled "Glitter and Ribs." But Billy was so committed to making his beautiful ballad sound authentically Swiftian that it ended up playing as a pure, fawning homage.

And now Billy's taken the song to Conan, live, in front of a crowd, sans wig, in our post-1989 world. Is there any higher honor Taylor Swift could receive? What are the chances she'll end one of her performances with a "heart like a horse" chant in the near future? 90-95 percent?

Funny or Die's Billy on the Street recently aired its third season on Fuse. The hilarious, screamingly Eichnerian moments included "It's Not Pitbull, It's Amy Poehler!":

And the immortal "Would You Have Sex with Paul Rudd for a Dollar?":

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