December 29, 2014


Watch A Drunk Brendon Urie Explain Fall Out Boy's Origins

As Fall Out Boy gear up to release their sixth studio albumAmerican Beauty/American Psycho, it makes sense for the pop-punk-turned-arena rock band to revisit their roots. How did the Chicago guys get to where they are today? Enter Panic! At The Disco frontman and good friend to FOB, Brendon Urie, who worked with the band to recreate their own drunk history.

As noted in the video's opening, the typically put-together singer consumed multiple beers, shots and "a vodka Redbull from Joe Trohman." The result is a surprisingly articulate Urie, adorably retelling the tale of how his buds' band came to be.

"They started playing music together, and they're like, 'Let's play some f*cking covers from some other bands.' It was like Green Day, f*cking Misfits and f*cking Ramones. Pete [Wentz] said to Joe [Trohman], 'Yo we gotta change this sh*t up. We played all these bands. Let's play sh*t from Fall Out Boy.' So Pete and Patrick [Stump] are like, 'Yo, that's dope.'"

If only it were that easy! Watch the hilarious clip above and check back to Fuse for the latest on Fall Out Boy's upcoming album.