December 16, 2014


Watch Fall Out Boy's Ass-Kicking "American Beauty/American Psycho" Vid

It might be the holiday season, but Fall Out Boy is putting in major overtime ahead of their upcoming American Beauty/American Psycho album, which is due in late January. Less than 24 hours after dropping their powerful new song "The Kids Aren't Alright," the band has followed up with a new music video for the record's title track.

Taking its "American Beauty/American Psycho" title quite literally, the creepy video stars a gorgeous ballerina and a peculiar child with his face painted. Filmed with a gritty, spastic cinematography, the visual shows the dancer fighting off a slew of muscular bad guys, while the little boy eventually starts spitting up a black liquid.

It's all a little unsettling, but keep watching til the end so you catch the FOB guys coming to clean up some of the messes made by the video stars. 

Now, what does it all mean? The band hasn't come out and explained the vid yet, but a few commenters on YouTube have guesses. They range from believing it "symbolizes the strength that women are capable of" to signifying that "all beauties are psychos" to perhaps being a discussion about "romanticizing depression."

Make up your own mind after watching the video above. Then check out all the info we have on American Beauty/American Psycho right here.