December 2, 2014


Gwen Stefani & Pharrell Burn the Floor in "Spark The Fire"

"Pop" is the name of the game for Gwen Stefani's latest solo output, and it doesn't stop at the genre her tunes are filed under. She embraced a seriously high pop art aesthetic for her "Baby Don't Lie" video, stepping in and out of psychedelic scenes and swirls of bold, bright patterns and colors. With "Spark The Fire," Gwen's penchant for pop goes the Pop Up Video route in an updated way, bringing those familiar thought bubbles back to the forefront for her next single.

In "Spark The Fire," Gwen hits the town and the dance floor, and she's followed by a fleet of personalized emojis and exclamations via pop up speech bubbles featuring the lyrics of the track. (That heart/lighter emoji in particular? Adorable.) 

Eventually, the party gives way to a cartoon dreamscape—and a Pharrell cameo!—and we're left feeling as dizzy as the scene before us when the faces of both pop stars multiply and swarm the screen.

You'll never look at those cute l'il cartoons the same way again, as Gwen's definitely taken ownership of her own emoji army! 

Gwen's working with her bud Pharrell (and Diplo) on her forthcoming solo record, which will presumably boast both "Spark The Fire" and "Baby Don't Lie." If the first two vids offer any indication, it's that Gwen's going all in on the pop front, and we'll have plenty to look forward to (and look at!) in the coming months.