December 29, 2014


Fabolous Talks 'Young OG Project' Singles, Instagram Popularity

On Christmas day, Fabolous dropped The Young OG Project, a 90s-themed project that was his sixth studio album and the first in five years. The wait was worth it. The album contains killer singles like "She Wildin'" featuring Chris Brown. "That one is one of the flips of the project, actually taking one of the joints from the '90s and 2014in' it," the rapper said of the song. "What I wanted to do was just put my touch on things. I don't like to do other people's records over unless it's called for... I'm not going in there saying, 'I'm going to take your record and do it better.' I'm going in there and take the record and do my thing on it. My version is the retro. Sometimes the retros come out cool too."

Young OG also includes the track "Rap & Sex." "The challenge, for me, is saying [something] in a different way, saying it metaphorically so you can tie it in some other way. Saying it, melodically, saying it in a different flow, however you play on it," he told Fuse. "['Rap & Sex'] starts as a small excerpt from a song from the '90s, 'Jigga What, Jigga Who' [and] makes a whole song out of that scenario."

A little old, a little new, a whole lotta Fab. His unique approach to sampling is found on the song "Gone For The Winter," as well. "That's a flip of Nas' joint, 'Represent' off of the classic Illmatic. I didn't want to do flips of people's big singles because it starts to get judged so easily," he explained. "When you touch it with an album cut and put another twist on it, you can always have your own flavor on it and still with beats that people enjoy."

It appears people are enjoying the rapper's work in more ways than one, often quoting his lines on Instagram. "I' one of the leaders of caption rap, I've been told. My rapping lines…go perfect with Instagram captions," he joked. "I'm cool with being at your service. Most people need a little inspiration with their pictures."

Watch the full interview above.