December 9, 2014


Jasmine V Dishes On Songwriting & 'That's Me Right There'

Some may recognize Jasmine V as the gorgeous gal from Justin Bieber's back-in-the-day "Baby" video, but she's more than just a pretty face: She just released her debut EP with Interscope (featuring "That's Me Right There," a collab with Kendrick Lamar) and she's got a full-length on the way. Each song is a learning process for her still, and she's constantly improving while working with producers and songwriters.

"What I do is when I sit down with the songwriters and the producers, we pick out a beat, and the beat says a lot about what the song is going to be about," she tells Fuse's sister network, NUVO. "Whether it's a sad beat or a happy beat. I sit down with the writer, and they say, 'So what's going on in your life? What do you want to talk about?' And I just vent."

"Walk Away," a somber track detailing the dissolution of a relationship, is an example of her artistic growth. "'Walk Away' was especially one of the ones where I dimmed the lights and sat there and sang," she says. "It was a different type of song. I'd never sang in that tone before, so I really had to tune everybody out and sit and the booth and capture that. The whole idea of that song, to really get in character, I put myself in one of my best friends' shoes who went through a situation like that."

As for the future? She loved working with K. Dot, and she's got her eyes set on collaborating with people who've also shared the stage with him. "Growing up I listened to all types of music, and I fell in love with so many artists....but, you know, I really love Imagine Dragons. I think they're amazing. I saw them when they performed with Kendrick at the [2014 GRAMMY] Awards, and I was like, you took two different types of artists and put them together and they still sounded amazing!"

For more on Jasmine V, her process and That's Me Right There, watch the video above.