December 2, 2014


Watch Lana Del Rey's 'Big Eyes' Lyric Video Teaser

Tim Burton's next movie is just as eerie, eccentric and eye-catching as his incredible flicks that've come before it, but he may have outdone himself by tapping Lana Del Rey to kick off Big Eyes' soundtrack. Given her hugely successful contributions to The Great Gatsby and Maleficent, we can't blame him!

Big Eyes recalls the story of Margaret Keane, a painter (played by Amy Adams) whose husband (Walter Keane, portrayed in the film by Christoph Waltz) stole all the credit for her distinctive artwork. While the scenes from Big Eyes look amazing, the lyric video for the movie's song of the same name dropped today, and it's totally Lana in all its evocative, timeless glory.

Lana's lilting soprano is met with a grandiose, orchestral build, brassy notes, resounding bass and melodramatic lyrics in a song as cinematic as the film it's inspired by: "Is it me, was I wrong to have trusted you? / Did I see what I wanted, what wasn't true? / Was I wrong to go on like a little fool? / It's amazing what women in love will do."

It's the perfect introduction heavy with foreshadowing to Big Eyes as we ready for the film's release, which is set for December 25. Listen to this teaser of the film's title track above, and stay tuned for the full thing when it's eventually released!