December 17, 2014


Watch Modern Baseball Cover The Killers' "When You Were Young"

While the Killers embrace the kind of pop-rock that works in a multitude of settings and venues, it's hard to picture any one of their grandiose singles getting the small club treatment. "Somebody Told Me" demands a stadium. "Human" practically begs for tens of thousands of hands in the air to be waved as it continues to ask weird questions over its chorus.

As for "When You Were Young?" That Killers track totally works in a more intimate zone, and Modern Baseball knocked a cover of the hit out of the park at a recent show.

Last week in Philly, the Pennsylvanian punk outfit gave the single off 2006's Sam's Town their best shot. The break from MB's regularly scheduled programming went over well as they lost themselves in the resounding chords, the crowd belting the chorus back to them and catching that one lone stage diver who bellyflopped onto the front row. (Good job, guy.) We think Brandon and the rest of the major Vegas rock act would approve.

Modern Baseball just wrapped their most recent tour in support of You're Gonna Miss It All, which dropped earlier this year. Check out their cover of the Killers' "When You Were Young" above, and cross your fingers for some new MB tuneage in 2015.