December 11, 2014


PRhyme Talk Working With ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul & Mac Miller

PRhyme, the latest project from hip hop gurus Royce da 5'9" and DJ Premier, is new territory for the guys: They've made it a point to avoid features in the past, and that changes now. 

"I do a lot of A&R," Royce told Fuse. "We wanted to do something different with the project. Me as a fan, me hearing that Prem is only going to use music from one artist and sample—that’s me being thrown for a loop right there. That’s something different right there. Us being called PRhyme instead of just Royce and Prem, that’s different. This is my first feature-heavy album. I never usually do features. I have the utmost respect for so many artists but I’m not one of those guys you’re going to see like at parties, hanging out, all on everyone’s Instagram. I’m just not that guy."

His tactic is different. "I see people in passing that I respect and I say ‘What’s up’ and I keep it moving. Everybody that’s on the album, they’re people who I felt like, ‘I want to work with them one day if I get the opportunity.' I’m [going to] reach out to everybody one time if I feel like I’m running across a beat that they would sound go on," he explained.

It's not the norm, but it works. "I’m going to reach out to them one time and if the schedule permits—you know, everyone is busy—if it’s the right time and they do it, I feel like it’s happening organically then I know it was meant to happen. Everybody I reached out to, [it was] that simple, that quick. [Schoolboy] QAb-Soul and Mac Miller, I reached out to those guys individually," he continued. "I didn’t tell them they were going to be on the same song and they ended up recording theirs together at the same studio. They both showed up to the same studio to work on the same song and didn’t know. There’s a great energy around it and everybody murdered it."

Check out the exclusive interview above and stay tuned to Fuse for all things PRhyme!