December 9, 2014


Hoodie Allen Wants to "Break Down the Wall Between Fans and Artists"

Even with the recent success of his debut album, People Keep Talking, rapper Hoodie Allen isn't getting a big head. The record charted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200, but Allen is staying true to his roots–and making sure his fans realize that. 

Allen is a special guest on tonight's episode of Top 20 Countdown–you can watch interview clips with him above and below, and you can tune into his full guest spot on the show tonight at 9/8c!

Since his early years as an artist, Allen has always been dedicated to keeping in contact with his fans. "I've always wanted to break down the wall between fans and artists, so it was always important to me to respond to people on Twitter or Facebook or even YouTube comments," he tells Fuse host Katie Van Buren. 

"I try to carry that into the shows and do as many meet-and-greets as possible before the show and after the show. A while ago we did a tour where the whole premise of it was to meet every single fan before the show, and every person got a selfie and an autograph and then we play the show. That was a pretty exhausting tour, but we did it."

That tour–called the Hanging With Hoodie Tour–was an innovative way of connecting to fans, but Allen's efforts don't stop there. In the video above, he also explains how he calls his fans from time to time and how fans have even been featured as extras in his music videos. Meanwhile, in the below clip, you can find out some people who Hoodie has been honored to meet and who he would most like to meet in the future. (Hint: it's a member of Outkast!)

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