December 5, 2014


Watch Trevor Moran & Ricky Dillon Interview Each Other in Song

Ricky Dillon and Trevor Moran are two of the best examples of how YouTube can take you much further than people's screens. The viral celebs have used their massive online followings (1.9 million YouTube subscribers for Ricky and 700,000 for Trevor) to sign with the multi-channel network Fullscreen and launch legitimate singing careers, dropping new songs and snagging No. 1s on the Billboard + Twitter real-time charts. It got our minds thinking and we decided to have the Our2ndLife stars showcase their song.

Watch above as the guys ask each other questions, but need to answer in pop melodies, dark heavy-metal throat singing, raps that kinda-sorta rhyme and in an operatic style fit for a soprano.

Find out who's eyeing Lana Del Rey as a dream collaborator, who's dying to dance backup for Demi Lovato and get insight into how important their music careers are to them. 

"I released a song called 'Anxiety' and people told me that they could relate to me," Trevor belts. "I made them from depressed to happy. And it made me very happy that I could make 'em feel better."

Watch the hilarious interview above.