January 21, 2015


Go Behind the Scenes of Sia's Moving "Elastic Heart" Video

By now you've probably seen the "Elastic Heart" music video masterpiece. You know, the one where Sia brings back her "Chandelier" mini-me, the preteen dancing queen Maddie Ziegler, plus some Shia LaBoeuf? In a new clip on YouTube’s DanceOn channel, we've got a behind the scenes look at the artful clip.

"It's definitely strange, 'Elastic Heart,'" 12-year-old Ziegler says. "I've never played a wolf, I guess is what you would call me. I growl 20 times in this dance. The 'Chandelier' video was really successful because no one really does any videos like that."

Maddie's exactly right. "I've brought back the whole same team from 'Chandelier,'" Sia says, "because we all worked beautifully together that day. I've tried to establish close relationships with everyone on set because I believe it's important for the creative process."

For most of the clip, Sia's face is covered with an image of bananas (!) to reflect her social anxiety and refusal to face the camera. LaBeouf enters the picture about halfway through, explaining how he became involved in the project. 

"We sat in a coffee shop and she basically walked me through what her trilogy idea is, and I was walking her through what my auxiliary art stuff was and who my influences were," Shia said. "Sia probably picked me because she probably identifies with some aspect of my personality that will push boundaries a little bit. I think we're in this middle ground between pop and something else. I also believe in the healing power of art. It's cathartic. You listen to the album and it's just like reading a diary. All of my work, especially for the last five years, has just been my soul bared on film."

At the end of the day, Sia and her team had one goal: to make you feel something. "It just has to elicit some form of excitement," she explained. "I have to be moved. I'm so rarely moved. It's unquantifiable."