January 28, 2015


Beyoncé vs. Ariana Grande: Which Diva Has the Best Music Video Look?

While Beyoncé made 2014 a banner year for herself, Ariana Grande was its undeniable breakout pop diva. In this episode of Glam or Sham, our superfly host Katie Van Buren compares two unforgettable looks from the singers' most recent music videos, scaling the spectrum of formal and casual. 

Watch above as NYC street fashion critics offer opinions on the seductive dress-and-cat-ear combo seen in Ari's "Love Me Harder" video and the laid-back sweater-and-panties look from Bey's "7/11" clip. Comments range from positive (one guest offered, "It's like her hair is her jacket, I like that") to harsh ("I don't know if that's in fashion now") to bizarrely hilarious ("You can never go wrong with a pair of leopard-print panties"). Watch every critique above.

Last week on Glam or Sham, we matched up Taylor Swift and Tove Lo's latest vids to see which one viewers found more fashionable. Despite an army of Swifties, Tove Lo's "Talking Body" beat "Blank Space" to take the crown.

Which diva will come out on top this week? Cast your vote and watch out for next week's episode of Glam or Sham!

Which Singer Had the Better Music Video Look?

Ariana Grande in "Love Me Harder"
Beyonce in "7/11"
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