January 14, 2015


Watch This Dad Rock Some Seriously '90s Dance Moves

Family functions can be kind of disastrous once your parents hit the dance floor. They're either rocking some seriously dusty moves, making weird faces over the new fangled stuff they're hearing or straight-up trying to embarrass you. NOT SO WITH THIS GUY.

This dad is embracing the '90s feel that everyone seems to be crazy about these days, in that he's got no shame when it comes to blasting Johnny Gill and showing off his penchant for popping and locking.

Watch this #cooldad annihilate Gill's "Rub You The Right Way"—in pajama pants, at that—one step at a time, from his crazy light-footed jumps to the priceless shimmy at the end. His son's groans and chuckles of approval kind of make the vid, and it's definitely a motivational force. If this dad can get down like that, you can, too. So get practicing!

Check out the viral clip above.