February 3, 2015


Fall Out Boy Didn't Have A Back-Up Plan If Their Reunion Didn't Work Out

With so many bands reuniting from break-ups or hiatuses in recent years, it's easy to take for granted just how perfectly Fall Out Boy has engineered their own comeback–but what would have happened if it didn't work out? Well, according to the band, they didn't have any "backup plan" in their back pockets.

Watch a web exclusive interview with the Chicago quartet above, and check out a sneak peek of their Top 20 Countdown guest appearance below–they'll be on the show tonight at 9/8c!

Fall Out Boy's 2013 full-length Save Rock And Roll and this year's American Beauty / American Psycho each debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and spawned hit singles. Drummer Andy Hurley claims that part of their success is that the band keeps themselves hungry.

"We're a band that puts everything into it," he tells Fuse host Esteban Serrano. "If it doesn't work, we don't have any other plans. It seems like that's what makes it real and what keeps us inspired and keeps us making music that matters. It's all we have."

Watch the video above for more, including how vocalist Patrick Stump "suspected [he'd] end up an English teacher or something," and tune into Top 20 Countdown tonight at 9/8c for more from Fall Out Boy! Find Fuse in your area.