January 27, 2015


Fuse Favorite: Watch George Ezra on Fuse All Week

There's been no shortage of English solo artists in recent music history: From Ed Sheeran to Ellie Goulding to Sam Smith, we've been pretty blessed. George Ezra, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Hertford is slated to be the next to join the pantheon. Watch the video above to learn about Ezra's journey, his debut album, and "Budapest," his moving folk rock single.

"The whole album, Wanted on Voyage, I traveled around Europe. I went by myself and I was just writing down everything I saw, the people that I met—all of that was new to me," Ezra says in the exclusive interview. "I went for about a month, and when I got home I wrote the songs from everything I'd written down. I think you can kind of hear that. It's not like it's a word-for-word document of what I did, it's more that the ideas came from the trip. I think it flows nicely. It's a fun record. If I'm enjoying it, I think other people are more inclined to enjoy it as well."

There's something inherently sweet and familiar in George Ezra's acoustic sounds, even if most people don't get to experience traveling from country to country on their own. "Budapest was the only city that I didn't make it to. I actually got too drunk the night before and missed my train," the singer says, describing his lead single. "'Budapest' is a list of beautiful things that I don't have, that I'd give up for somebody. I thought it'd be sweet to list big things. If I were to give up stuff I had it wouldn't be much."

Ezra's writing style is straightforward—he just grabs a six-string and goes for it. "It's interesting, singer-songwriters, because I think they always have existed and they always will," he tells us. "It's kind of the easiest way for kids: All you need to do is get a guitar and there's always a family member or a friend that's got one lying about. Four or five years ago I got a bit bored of pop music. At the end of the day, pop music is stories, isn't it? Stories told from beginning to end—that's what people want to hear. I think singer-songwriters will always exist."

Check out our full interview above, and watch the "Budapest" music video below.

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