January 30, 2015


Watch Gerard Way Host Adorable Children's TV Show

Long before My Chemical Romance was even a twinkle in Gerard Way's dreamy eye, the guy was pursuing a career in the comic book arts, crafting original stories and developing his own characters. One was called The Breakfast Monkey, starring a pancake-obsessed primate. The sweet morning treat seems to find itself in Way's life on the regular, as the emo icon can now be seen hosting the "Pancake Report" on a too-cute PBS Digital Studios children's web show.

The official website describes the program thusly: 

"If Fellini and Monty Python decided to make a kid's show... it might look something like this. Named in a Waffle House by members of Fugazi, Pancake Mountain invites you to watch, laugh, sing and dance along with host Rufus Leaking, his sidekick Captain Perfect and various musicians and celebrities in the only show that'll make your children second guess becoming rock stars."

In the clip, Way critiques the commodification of pancakes, shouting, "What I'm saying is it's not pancake day for six months, and there's flour and there's eggs and there's syrup and there's butter and it's madness! It's way too commercial!"

Watch the adorable clip above and check out our exclusive interview with the MCR frontman.