January 30, 2015


Watch Hozier's Gospel-Rock Cover of Ariana Grande's "Problem"

Both Hozier and Ariana Grande produced inescapable radio singles last year and now one's put a spin at the other's blockbuster hit. 

For a performance at the BBC Live Longue, Irish singer-songwriter Hozier brought his signature gospel-rock sound for a stirring cover of Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea's "Problem." The track's brassy horn opener is gone, instead replaced with hand-clapping, feet-stomping and soulful, choral harmonies. Hozier croons his way through the diva's lovelorn lyrics, choosing to make vocal adjustments like opting for soft high notes in place of Ariana's belts.

And if you found it surprising to hear the "From Eden" singer bringing out his inner pop star, well, you'll also hear him embrace his inner rap star. Hozier replaces Iggy Azalea's rap bridge with some lines from Warren G's classic '90s hit "Regulate" ("If you smoke like I smoke / Then you high like everyday," indeed).

Both Hozier and Ariana are performing at the GRAMMYs this year...think their paths will cross musically?