January 12, 2015


Kelly Clarkson Shares New Single "Heartbeat Song"

UPDATE (1/22): It's here, folks! Kelly Clarkson dropped "Heartbeat Song" early Monday morning. The song is even more monumental than her adorable tease lead on. It's romantic and fun, with a power chord-fueled chorus that practically begs you to belt along with it. The hook recalls a more energetic version of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours." Check it out above!

Original Story: After dominating the pop charts, it's only natural to want to take a break. Kelly Clarkson has been in the spotlight for over a decade now following her iconic American Idol win, so it makes sense that she's been fairly quiet the last few years. In October 2013, Clarkson was secretly wed and in November of that year she alluded to being pregnant. Last summer she gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl. Clarkson must be enjoying her newly acquired motherhood because her daughter is the focal point of her latest song tease for the tentatively titled "Heartbeat Song."

Kelly revealed the news by posting videos on Facebook and Instagram (see above) with baby girl River sporting headphones and smiling through the whole clip. That giggle is just too much!

From what we can hear, "Heartbeat Song" sounds like classic Clarkson with a modern upgrade. In it she sings, "This is my heartbeat song and I'm going to play it / Turned it on but I know you can take it up, up, up, up all night long." In the Instagram preview, you can hear a female voice say "That's the intro."

Check it out here!