January 7, 2015


Lil Jon Responds To The Coachella Lineup

Lil Jon's a pretty excitable guy. We know this. He turns down for plenty, his enthusiastic "YEEEEAH!" is one of the most iconic utterances in current hip hop and he brings that verve to nearly every event he attends. Lil Jon isn't on Coachella's 2015 lineup, but he did take a look at those playing this year and had a few things to say about the artists on the bill.

First of all, we had the same reaction to the news that Raekwon and Ghostface Killah are heading to Indio, but that there's no other mention of the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan. (That's a solid set-up for incredible cameos or a surprise Wu performance, so we're still holding our breath.) As for the rest of the lineup, Lil Jon, is, erm, unfamiliar with a lot of the acts that are mentioned.

"Alabama Shakes? They're good? Do they like milkshakes?" "Cloud Nothings--isn't that where you store your contacts on your iPhone?" "Milky Chance! Ain't that the diarrhea band?!" Lil Jon just keeps going, and going and going.

The best one, though, comes courtesy of Panda Bear. "PANDA BEAR? Coachella ain't no motherf*ckin' place for a panda bear!" 

Watch Lil Jon confuse Ryan Adams and Bryan Adams and shout his way through the 2015 Coachella lineup above. (And who knows? Maybe we'll see him get low in Indio, if not onstage then at least in VIP.)

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