January 21, 2015


Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax & Megadeth Get An 8-Bit Makeover

Metal and video games—odd couple, or match made in heaven? Today you can stop guessing and decide for yourself! The geniuses over at Loudwire teamed up with the other geniuses at the Filthy Frackers to give your favorite metal acts an 8-bit makeover. Weird to think of these shred-classics sans guitars, but it sort of works. 

The creators took Metallica's "One," Slayer's "Raining Blood," Megadeth's "Sweating Bullets" and Anthrax's "Madhouse" and give them a new chiptune sound. The result is pretty astonishing.

Listening is only half the fun. The music video for each song also goes under the old-school video game knife, and the bands—which comprise what's known in the metal world as "the Big Four"—are depicted as Nintendo characters. Check out the clip above. As Mario would say: "Wahooooooo!"